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2A Modified – Used for base under patio.  It is industry standard that you use a minimum of four inches of stone compacted every two inches for residential patios and walkways.  For driveways it is recommended that in a freeze thaw area you use at least 10-12 inches for your base compacting every two inches.  For more information on industry standards, visit 

2B Stone – This is a ¾” clean stone.  It is used for driveway applications, shed bases, and drainage stones.  This is the proper stone to be used in a French Drain.

4” Ballist Rock – This is also known as tire scrubbers.  It is best used for storm drains.

Screenings – This is used as a leveling course for natural stone and manufactured flagstone.  It is recommended that you use 1” for your leveling course.


Concrete Sand – This is used as leveling for pavers.  It is recommended that you use 1” for your leveling course.

Bar Sand – This is used for sand boxes and underneath vinyl swimming pools.  It is beige/tan in color.

Q: How is stone sold?
A: We sell stone by the ton as well as our screenings, concrete sand, and bar sand.

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